Jewerly Makers, Budget Tips and Inspiration

So you have started that jewelry making business you always wanted to do.  Creativity is your passion…nothing better than monetary gain from something you love to do and take pride in…unique jewelry, made by you.

With any business endeavor, overhead (or materials) cost is always a concern and key point in business to watch.

Jewelry making is a small business, every cent counts, so how can you cut cost without cutting creativity?  Findings are a necessary for any piece of jewelry made…you have needed a number of these & probably paid these prices.

jewelry findings

Have you every purchased junk jewelry lots?

Junk jewelry lots can provide you with clasps, connectors, wires, and so much more.

junk jewelry

Find the findings you need…plus gain jewelry for resale (minor repairs necessary), gem & rhinestones, beads, charms, pendants & more.  Trigger your creative visions and make so much more.

If your jewelry isn’t junk, then auction it! With Us!

We have recently wrote an article about what to do with your the jewelry that you inherited that is worthless. Now we would like to tell you about what you should do if you think your jewelry is worth something.

Paul makes things exciting!

Paul makes things exciting!

Easy peasy, just contact us for an appraisal and we will do our best to let you know what it would get at our semi-annual auction. Then if you are interested you can consign that piece with us to auction it off for you. This is a much preferred option for your older fine jewelry, compared to selling it to gold buyers who only pay you what the weight of the gold is worth.

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How to sell your junk jewelry

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Many people often come across stuff left over by their parents or grandparents that are not worth much. I mean the stuff that is not precious jewelry. The stuff that when you take to a pawnshop they just laugh at you, or at a yard sale they offer you a nickel.

So what do you do when you are in that situation? When you have a pile of costume, fashion, imitation whatever you want to call it jewelry. Broken or not. Most call it junk, we call it treasure! Why do we call it treasure, well because to crafters thats exactly what it is, crafters love to get a hold of these lots and make their own unique pieces out of your old broken stuff.

That’s why we felt compelled to post this. We hate to see you sell the stuff off for pennies. We at also have the fever. So if you have some stuff you want to get rid of, shoot us an email. We purchase your jewelry by the pound and take it off your hands in


one easy quick step. Call 818-378-8862

Using junk jewelry to decorate for Valentines

Are you thinking about giving a gift this Valentines day?  Or decorating? I know most of us have come across a lot of those cheapie decorations, that are better left in the store instead of in your house.

Well, worry no more. Junk Jewelry is here to save the day. Get some junk jewelry from your mom, grandma or your own and get your glue gun out and start gluing cool items, on a blank heart shaped frame. Then all you need to glam it up is of photo of the person you love and your done! I found this item on GreatGreenGoods and it totally inspired me.


Or wait… guys are you thinking of a special gift for your girl? Diamonds are boring and roses die. But thoughtfulness is never forgotten. Guys start digging in your drawers and think of all the sentimental that means something to your love. Then start gluing it on a frame, or jewelry box or any other cute plain keepsake item. So you are thinking what is sentimental right? Here’s some ideas, your movie ticket stub from your first movie you saw, the dried up pedals from the first flowers you gave her, some sea shells from your first walk on the beach. Then the rest of the stuff you can use to fill space are just from things and colors she likes. So for example I really like cats, so maybe my hubby would put cat charms on it etc…. This gift will be worth more to your love then if you spent thousands. Because it’s from the heart.


Your Favorite Piece of Jewelry just Broke! What Now?

I think its all happens to us, you wear jewelry, then on accident or do to age a piece of jewelry breaks. Most will:

Throw it away
Put it aside to fix it(Which Never Happens)
Ask someone else to fix it
Just buys another piece
Now, have you ever thought to make something else out of it if it seems to be beyond repair? I mean it might be as simple as you pulled too hard and a metal ring was bent… Which brings me to tools for a moment, if you ever have this happen to your jewelry, its the simplest fix possible! You find where the jump ring was bent and disconnected from, if its a chain with little chains there most likely will be a bigger jump ring where it clasps, if its missing, you can either buy another at your local craft store, or even take one off another piece of jewelry of matching metals, here are the most common tools:


Photo from Beadsbeadingneeds

Pliers- there are many different kinds, but I find if you have 2 pairs, you can have each in one hand and use them both to bend open the metal jump rings, and bend it back so its linked back onto the chain it broke from. Fast easy fix. But there are also:

Flat Nosed Pliers
Round Nosed Pliers
Wire Cutting Pliers(staple for jewelry makers)
Split Ring Pliers
Nylon Jaw Pliers
There are also many more, but I find, Flat Nosed, Round Nosed, & Wire cutting Pliers can fix any broken jewelry due to bent, detached or stretched jump rings.

But getting back to broken jewelry beyond that kind of repair. You can take it apart completely. You might not be a jewelry maker and not have pieces from the store to make jewelry from scratch… Or do you? If you have a bunch of broken jewelry, you basically have a jewelry making kit right in front of you, it just takes some imagination, lets say you have different kinds of metals or charms, beads, chains, there are endless possibilities you could do. I found a cool idea online from stylehive, it was a necklace made from numerous chains that were all different and using only one of the clasps, and a couple charms left over.


Photo from stylehive

Thats cool isn’t it! I mean I always make new pieces of jewelry out of old jewelry but never really thought about using the chains to make a contrasting piece. From an ankle bracelet to thick necklace, thin necklace, to chains, its a cool feel thats very much in style right now. This all can be achieved by using the pliers, just bend open the jump rings where you want to link them and close them onto another chains links, you can remove links to make a chain shorter, or add to make them longer. Its a fun start to making jewelry, takes just a little strength, patience, and steady hands.

So now when you have that pile of broken jewelry you can now look at it in a whole new way and if its something you don’t really miss so much(since you forgot about it in the first place) then make it into something new, add something to it to change it up, no one has to know it was the same necklace from last year. The possibilities are endless and you can customize it to your taste!

Evening clutch made out of faux junk pearls

Check out this adorable clutch. I can imagine how ugly and dull it was before, which means it was probably on sale, and now with some junk jewelry glued on it looks so elegant.


Perfect for a bride, or bridesmaid. It could even be a thought full gift for someone. With a ten buck investment this artist was able to bling this clutch to look like 60 bucks.